Best Free VPN Services

Free VPN services are hard to come by. Running a VPN costs a lot of money, so it has to be asked how these free services cover their costs. There are many scam VPNs that manage to entice in victims with the promise of a free service. However, most of these don’t include any privacy […]

Best VPNs of 2020

A virtual private network is a software system that renders a connection over the internet as private as if it was a network inside a secure building with access controls. This technology, which became known as VPN, was originally created so that businesses could link the networks of several sites together without having to pay […]

Best VPNs for Streaming

Video streaming has been a growing internet service since Broadband was introduced. Householders across the USA and all over the world are turning to on-demand video streaming content to supplement the entertainment that they get in a cable TV package. Cord cutters are even doing away with cable TV subscriptions and saving themselves money by […]

Best VPNs for Torrenting

Unfortunately, most files available through torrenting are pirated. If you must engage in torrenting activities, make sure that your identity is protected by a VPN. Although the Peer-to-Peer protocol (P2P) and file sharing methodologies are not illegal, downloading copyrighted material without permission from the owners of the rights to it is illegal. People have been […]